You want to be a muscle-bound monster, right? Of course, you do! According to research, the timing between reps can increase muscle growth by 20%. 

But how do you time your rest between reps while also gasping for air like a goldfish out of water?

Fear not, fellow gym-goer, because gym timers are here to save the day! We’ve done the research and found the best gym timer so you can maximize your gains without having to guess

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What is The Best Gym Timer?

Best timers for your home gym
Best of the best
#1 GymNext Flex Timer 
GymNext gym clocks, best home gym timer
Best for home gyms
#2 Rogue Home Timer 
Rogue home gym timer
Best bang for your buck
#3 WERPOWER Seesii 
Seesi Gym Timer
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#4 SLEVIO Portable
Sleevio gym clock
#5 Gymboss Interval Timer  
Gymboss Interval Timer

#1 GymNext Flex Timer 

GymNext gym clocks, best home gym timer

This bad boy has it all – it’s sleek, durable, and super easy to use.

The GymNext Flex Timer lets you tweak and save a ton of workout programs, so you can customize your intervals, rest times, and rounds to fit your unique style.

And get this – it comes with built-in presets for popular workout types like Tabata, EMOM, and AMRAP. Boom!

With its remote control, you can start, stop, and fiddle with the gym timer from afar, and the big LED screen is a breeze to read.

Plus, it beeps like a boss to tell you when each round is up.



It even comes with the flex timer app which syncs up with smartwatches, so you can go hands-free when doing interval training.

How tight is that?

It costs a little bit more than its rivals.

But, in my opinion, the Flex Timer app and smart watch compatibility, as well as the quality and user-friendliness, are completely worth it.


  • For every Gym: From your home gym to high schools, and boxing dojos
  • User-friendly: 10 pre-programmed timer modes
  • Pre-programmed: Pre-set modes for fancy workouts like Tabata and FGB
  • Customizable: customize the settings to match your unique workout style
  • Bluetooth: You can play interval cues through Bluetooth speakers and link multiple Flex gym Timers wirelessly for competition timing or to impress your workout buddies.
  • Casting: You can even cast your timer onto a TV monitor using Chromecast or AppleTV.


  • Takes time: Will take you some time to customize and program to your needs
  • Higher price: Is at a higher price point than its competitors.
What Customers are Saying…
  • Easy-to-use app, top-notch customer service
  • Everything and more, Bluetooth integration, simple platform, clear display, and sound, allows HR monitor, great customization settings
  • best clock without costing an arm and a leg, big numbers, loud beeps, able to run different timers at the same time
  • Awesome tool for the gym, big digits, not a user-friendly app, the company responds quickly, adjustable volume
  • Amazing, worth the money, intuitive app, loud beeping
  • The gym clock worked well, but was smaller than anticipated
Jump Rating
4.5 out of 5

Evander’s opinion

As a seasoned user of the GymNext Flex Timer, I can say with confidence that it’s worth the dough. 

The interface is so simple even a tech-challenged grandma could use it, and the remote control and giant LED display make it easier to manage than your Tinder matches. 

And that loud beep at the end is heavenly satisfying when I am going beast mode during a 1-minute heavy bag workout or a PR-breaking squat session in my power rack.

Yeah, it’s a tad more expensive than other gym timers, but the extra features and ability to withstand your Hulk-like rage during tough workouts make it worth it.

#2 Rogue Home Timer 

Rogue home gym timer

Looking for a gym timer that’s as reliable as your girlfriend, but won’t text you at 3 am? The Rogue Home Timer is the answer to your training woes. 

With its flashy LED display and user-friendly interface, this gym timer is a workout essential for athletes at any level. 

You can customize everything from pre-programmed interval workouts to Tabata timing, so you can get the most out of your exercise routine. 

It also has mobile compatibility, so no need to be using that remote all the time.

Plus, it’s built to handle your sweat and tears, with tough construction and big, easy-to-push buttons. 

Same as the GymNext Flex Timer it is at the higher end. However, this is a no-brainer for anyone who wants a high-quality gym timer that will last for years.

Whether you’re mounting it to your wall or propping it up on a stand, the Rogue Home Timer is perfect for any home gym.


  • Bright and clear: Clear display for easy reading
  • User friendly: Remote for easy control
  • Pre-programmed: Pre-set modes for fancy workouts like Tabata and FGB
  • Interval sets: 10 custom intervals for the control freaks
  • Highly accurate: Super accurate stopwatch for timing your tears (1/1000second)
  • Manual: In-depth instructions to make you feel like a rocket scientist
  • Looks cool: Black frame with Rogue logo for a home gym that looks like a nightclub.


  • Pricey: Higher Price end
  • Doesn’t have: an EMOM program.
What Customers are Saying…
  • The timer is easy to use
  • Very helpful for Tabata and timed stretches
  • Amazing gym clock
  • a wonderful addition to my garage gym
  • Some users experienced issues with the gym clock beeping randomly, Rogue Fitness responded to the negative reviews and issued replacements for faulty gym timers.

Product Rating

5.0 out of 5
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Evander’s opinion

I’ve been using the Rogue Home Timer in my workouts and it has been a game-changer. 

The timer is straightforward to use and has loads of customization options, making it perfect for any kind of workout.

The timer is built to last, which is essential if you’re working out like a beast.

I would highly recommend the Rogue Home Timer to anyone looking for a great gym timer that is durable and will last a long time.

#3 WERPOWER Seesii LED Interval Timer 

Seesi Gym Timer

If you’re looking for a workout timer that won’t make you perform CPR on your wallet, the WERPOWER Seesii LED Interval Timer is a solid option. 

Its crystal-clear LED display is perfect for those moments when you’re gasping for air and can’t see straight. 

Plus, it comes with pre-set timer modes, including Tabata and FGB, so you can mix up your workouts and keep things interesting.

But wait, there’s more! This timer also has a regular gym clock, which is handy if you’ve been working out for so long that you’ve lost track of time (we’ve all been there). 

And the ability to create and save up to 10 custom intervals means you can tailor your workouts to your exact needs.


  • Multiple functions: normal time, countdown, stopwatch, and various interval programs for different workouts.
  • Clear LED: Display with adjustable brightness and audible buzzer for easy pacing
  • Pre-programmed: buttons for TABATA and FGB workouts
  • Customizable: with 10 programmable settings and 9 intervals
  • USB Charge: Can be powered with a power bank


  • Basic: Basic speaker with basic features. But gets the job done
  • Not mobile friendly: Need to control with remote
What Customers are Saying…
  • The gym clock is easy to use and has a nice amount of features.
  • Customers love pre-set circuits, audible beeps, and vibrant LEDs.
  • The remote works well and the gym clock is reliable and simple to use.
  • Customers say that the programming is not difficult, but the manual needs to be read to use the different options.
  • The gym timer is perfect for gym workouts, and it’s easy to see and operate from anywhere in the room.
  • Jeffrey uses the countdown timer for his CrossFit workout and says it works great.
  • Some customers had issues with the first gym clock not working, but the replacement worked fine.
  • The numbers are easy to read on the gym clock, but some customers wished that the clock had the option to hide the “H”

Product Rating

5.0 out of 5
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Evander’s opinion

As I said before, the WERPOWER Seesii LED Timer won’t empty your bank account.

On the flip side, you get what you pay for.

It’s not as fancy as the GymFlex Timer, but if you want something simple, cheap, and gets the job done, I can say with confidence that it’s worth the investment.

#4 SLEVIO Portable Gym Timer 

Sleevio gym clock

It’s the perfect pint-sized, battery-operated gym clock that you can take with you anywhere. 

Whether you’re pumping iron in your backyard or doing some interval lower back exercises, this tiny workout timer is all you need to get your sweat on.

And don’t worry about lugging it around – the SLEVIO comes with a handy carrying case and lanyard strap that makes it easy to toss in your gym bag and take on the road.


But what I love about this little workout timer is the magnet on the back.

It sticks to your squat rack or power cage like glue, so you don’t have to worry about it taking a tumble and breaking mid-training. 

And with a rubber casing, it’s built to last even if it does get knocked around a bit.


  • Many functions: clock display, interval timer, count up/down, stopwatch, alarm, countdown
  • Tiny but cool: Mini portable pocket size: inches
  • Long battery: 30 hours of battery life with low battery reminder function
  • Magnet at the back: Powerful magnetic spine for non-slip grip on metal surfaces like the frame of your squat rack in your garage gym
  • Outdoor use: Outdoor digital visibility with anti-glare lens


  • Small: When exercising outside, it can be hard to read the LED display if it is in direct sunlight.
What Customers are Saying…
  • Fitness Timer is great for a home gym or on the go
  • One customer praises the Slevio customer service that promptly sent him a new timer after his first one failed to work after only 2.5 weeks.
  • Jared thinks the Slevio Interval Fitness Timer is the best gym timer and perfect for portability with easy-to-follow instructions and a lifetime warranty.
  • John G. likes the magnet mount and no wires of the Slevio Interval fitness Timer.
  • Patrick Says that it is one of the best gym clocks when it comes to durability. He purchased it a year ago for his home gym and the battery is still great after using it daily.
  • Tiffany Mustain likes the battery life, easy-to-read display, and adjustable beep volume but admits that setting the timer can be a little tricky at first.
  • One customer complains that it doesn’t charge with USB-C to USB-C cable.

Product Rating

4.5 out of 5
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Evander’s opinion

This is perfect for gym rats who like to switch up their exercise routine and take it outdoors. 

It’s user-friendly and portable, so you can carry it around without any hassle. 

And the best part? You’re getting top-notch quality at a price that won’t leave your wallet sweating.

#5 Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch 

Gymboss Interval Timer

If you’re serious about working out, you gotta get the Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch. 

It’s compact, easy to use, and perfect for high-intensity interval training, circuit workouts, and even CrossFit. And get this, it’s so versatile that you can program up to 99 intervals of different lengths. 

Plus, it’s made from some tough stuff, so it can survive even the most brutal of garage gym sessions. 

You can take it with you wherever you go, whether you’re at a commercial gym or working out in your home gym.


And the best part? It vibrates! So you can keep track of your progress without anyone noticing.

Overall it’s a great small-sized portable interval timer and for just a couple of bucks, you can’t beat the price!


  • Portable: Compact interval timer with customizable settings for one or two intervals
  • Many options: Includes a stopwatch and clock feature, as well as a secure and removable belt-clip
  • A ton of functions: Auto mode can repeat intervals up to 99 times
  • Vibration mode: Chime and vibration interval notification with adjustable alarm duration
  • Tough timer:  sweat and impact resistant
  • Multifunctional: including HIIT, CrossFit, strength training, running, and more.


  • Battery powered (and not included): Although it lasts a long time, you will need to replace them eventually.
  • No remote control: This means you will need to set it manually
What Customers are Saying…
  • Loves it for interval training, awesome tool.
  • Great product for their need as an umpire, with strong vibration.
  • Easy to use once they figured out the programming, practical
  • Great for running/walking.
  • Some minor annoyances, but it does what they want, will definitely use it a lot.
  • One customer says it works but is not very user-friendly

Product Rating

4.5 out of 5
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Evander’s opinion

I’ve tried a bunch of those mini interval timers, and let me tell you, the Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch are legit. 

It’s so easy to use and has all the bells and whistles I need for my sweat sesh. Plus, it’s tougher than The Rock’s six-pack and small enough to take with me anywhere. 

And it even vibrates, so it’s like a tiny, angry drill sergeant in my pocket. If you’re looking to crush your workouts, this timer is the way to go, my friend.

What the heck is a gym timer?

What is a gym timer?

Well, a gym timer is a bossy little device that tells you when to start, stop, and get your butt in gear during your interval training. 

It’s perfect for all you HIIT and circuit training fanatics out there. You can customize your intervals and choose between beeps or vibrations to let you know when to rest or get back to work. 

Some gym timers even have fancy features like a stopwatch and clock and can run on batteries or power cords. 

If you’re serious about optimizing your training, you need a gym timer in your life. 

Trust me, it’s the personal trainer you never knew you needed.

Buyers Guide: Things to consider when buying a gym timer

Buyers guide for selecting the best gym timer

So you’re thinking of buying a gym clock? Hold your horses, buddy, there are some things you should keep in mind before you take the plunge and buy a bunch of gym clocks.

Here are a few things to consider:


When buying a gym timer, one of the most important factors to consider is the volume.

You don’t want a timer that’s too loud and obnoxious, but you also don’t want one that’s too quiet and gets drowned out by the sound of your workout. 

Some timers have adjustable volume settings, which can help you find that sweet spot.


Another crucial thing to think about is the functions of the timer. Different timers come with different features, such as customized intervals for rest periods, countdowns, stopwatches, and even multiple timers for circuit training. 

It’s essential to determine what functions you need to find the right timer for your workout routine.

Wall-mounted or standing

The next thing to consider is whether you want a wall-mounted or standing timer. Wall-mounted timers are great for saving space and are usually more visible. 

On the other hand, standing timers are more portable and can be moved around as needed. The choice you make will depend on your specific needs and workout environment.

TIP: If you want a home gym timer that’s both wall-mounted and standing, try the Slevio portable timer. It has a magnet on the back s you can easily stick it on metal surfaces.


Last but not least, it’s important to think about the readability of the timer display. You want a timer that is easy to read and understand, even when you’re huffing and puffing during an intense home gym workout. 

Some timers have larger displays or LED lights to make the display more visible from a distance. Choosing a timer with a clear and easy-to-read display is key.

Gym timer alternatives

Alternatives to gym timers

If you’re not ready to commit to a gym timer, don’t sweat it! There are plenty of other options out there that can be just as effective. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

Mobile apps

Who needs a clunky gym timer when you can have all your workout needs on your phone? 

There are tons of fitness apps out there that come with built-in timer features, so you can customize your rest periods and track your progress all in one place. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!


I’m a fan of the Boxing Timer app. 

It won’t break the bank with just a few dollars for a one-time payment, and it gives you access to a simple interval timer on your phone. 

And let’s not forget the best part – you can switch up the bell sound to keep things interesting!

Interval timer app showing in app store. Used for CrossFit, MMA, Boxing and HIIT

Your wristwatch

If you’re not into downloading another app or lugging around bulky gym clocks, consider using your trusty wristwatch. 

Most watches come with a timer function, so you can keep track of your intervals and stay on top of your workout without any extra gear.

Kitchen Timers

Don’t have a gym timer? No problem! Just head to your kitchen and grab the trusty kitchen timer. 

It may not be high-tech, but it gets the job done. Just make sure it’s loud enough to hear your grunts and groans.


With the help of a gym timer, you can monitor your workouts to make sure you are putting in the necessary effort, getting the recommended rest, and ultimately reaching your fitness goals.

Mobile apps, your watch, and kitchen timers are all viable alternatives to a gym timer. These choices can provide an easy and accessible means of keeping track of your exercise duration.

The GymNext Flex Timer and the Gymboss Interval Timer are two of the best gym timers currently on the market.