Even the best and most expensive hiking boots are completely useless. After a long hike, your feet may feel as if you’ve just been walking around in your socks.

Or at least that’s what will happen if you don’t have a good pair of hiking insoles.

That’s why we did research and made a list of the best hiking insoles on the market right now.

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What are the best hiking insoles?

man going for a hike in the forest

Your feet need support, cushioning, and durability from your hiking insoles to get through those long days on the trail. They also help to prevent injuries and improve overall comfort.

When it comes to choosing the best insoles for hiking, we found that Superfeet Green is the best.

Best overall
 #1 Superfeet Green
What are the best hiking insoles?
Best for performance
 #2 Superfeet Carbon 
Cushioned insoles
#3 Spenco Cross Trainer
Spenco Cross Trainer insoles
 #4 Timberland PRO
Timberland PRO hiking insoles
Best for Plantar Fasciitis
#5 Dr. Scholl’s
Dr. Scholl's hiking insoles
 #6 Superfeet Trailblazer
Superfeet Trailblazer hiking insoles
 #7 Sof Sole Active Insoles
Sof Sole Active Insoles hiking insoles
#8 Walk-Hero Comfort & Support
Walk-Hero Comfort & Support hiking insoles

#1 Superfeet Green

Superfee green insoles

Superfeet Green

This is the ultimate insole for your feet. These bad boys are like superhero capes for your soles, giving you the power to conquer any terrain.

These insoles will give your feet the support and cushioning they need whether you’re trekking through the mountains or just out and about town.

They are made with long-lasting, high-quality materials. They’ll feel like they were tailor-made for your feet thanks to their one-of-a-kind shape, which follows the shape of your foot precisely.

The Superfeet Green not only looks great, but their built-in arch support will keep your feet feeling great even after hours of wear. And because of the deep design of the heel cup, your foot will be more stable as you tackle any obstacle.

So why settle for boring, ordinary insoles when you can have the #1 Superfeet Green? When you wear these insoles, it’s like having your own foot-cheering squad with you every step of the way. Now, what are you waiting for? With Superfeet Green, you can enter the world of super feet


  • Offering superior arch support
  • Solid and long-lasting 
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Product Pro 4
  • Product Pro 5


  • May be too bulky for some hikers’ shoes
  • Some people might think they’re too pricey.

What customers say

  • Customers with higher arches have trouble finding comfortable shoes.
  • One customer suggested using fabric softener to fix the insoles’ squeaks.
  • The insoles fit sneakers.
  • One customer with flat feet found the insoles too much for plantar fasciitis.
  • Insoles won’t fit wide shoes.
  • Flat feet and over-supination should use Green insoles.
  • Superfeet’s website offers a return policy and warranty, but the retailer’s policy applies.

Evander’s personal opinion

I remember the first time I decided to buy a good pair of hiking insoles, specifically the Superfeet Green insole. Long hikes had been making my feet hurt and uncomfortable for a while, so I decided it was time for a change. 

I did some research and came across the Superfeet Green insoles. The idea that my feet could have their own support and cushion seemed like a game-changer.

So I just went for it and bought a pair. I couldn’t wait to try them out on my next hike. I put them in my boots and started walking down the trail. I could tell right away that something was different. 

The insoles gave me the most comfort and support I’ve ever had in shoes. It felt as though soft clouds were enveloping my feet. I was able to hike for much longer and further without feeling any fatigue or pain.

I’ve had the Superfeet Green insoles for a while now, and they’ve been a great purchase. They have made it possible for me to enjoy a good hike without worrying about how my feet will feel the next day at work.

#2 Superfeet Carbon

Cushioned insoles from superfeet carbon

Superfeet Carbon

If you want the highest possible level of performance and comfort, this is the insole for you. Maximum support and stability are what this insole is all about, and it’s made for high-performance athletes. 

The carbon fiber-reinforced design gives the shoe a stiffer, more responsive feel that will help you stay on your feet no matter how intense your activities get.

With its deep heel cup and arch support, the Superfeet Carbon will keep your feet in the right place and make you less likely to hurt yourself. These insoles are built to last, and the fact that they can be trimmed to fit any shoe makes them ideal for use in harsh environments.

You should try out a pair of Superfeet Carbon if you want to take your performance to the next level. Your feet will thank you!


  • allows for optimal arch support.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Reduces foot fatigue


  • May not fit all shoe sizes
  • May take some time to get used to the unique design

What customers say

  • Superfeet insoles are generally well-liked and supportive.
  • Due to shape loss, some customers had to replace the insoles every four months. s.
  • Some customers think the insoles are overpriced.
  • The slim, shoe-friendly insoles are good for medium arches. 
  • The insoles are used in work boots, hiking boots, athletic shoes, and cycling shoes.
  • Customers say that the insoles give more power and make cycling more comfortable.
  • They also say that the insoles prevent blisters and other foot pain when walking or running.
  • Customers have used the insoles to fit shoes with custom orthotics.

#3 Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer

Spenco polysorb cross trainer insoles

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer

The ultimate accessory for the active and exploratory foot! They are designed to work with any pair of athletic shoes and provide extra comfort and support.

Made from Spenco’s patented Polysorb material, these insoles have a dynamic response that changes with each step, giving you the perfect balance of support and flexibility. 

The insoles are one-of-a-kind because they have a deep heel cup that stabilizes your foot, protecting it from injury and easing foot fatigue.

These insoles are one-of-a-kind because they have a deep heel cup that stabilizes your foot, protecting it from injury and easing foot fatigue.

But the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer isn’t just for athletes. These insoles are great for anyone who wants to make their everyday shoes a little more comfortable. 

Whether you’re at the gym, on the trails, or just running errands, these insoles will keep your feet feeling fresh and pain-free all day long.

When you can get the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer, you shouldn’t have to settle for regular insoles. These insoles are not only useful but also fun and stylish. So, slip them in your shoes and get ready for an adventure!


  • More comfort for the feet
  • A unique blend of materials for support and comfort
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Improved overall foot stability


  • It might not be a good fit for those with high arches.
  • The material may feel stiff or uncomfortable at first, requiring a break-in period

What customers say

  • Customers like the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles’ arch support and comfort.
  • Some customers don’t need to cut the insoles to fit.
  • The insoles have lasted years for some customers.
  • They can revive old shoes for some customers.
  • Many think the insoles are a good deal.
  • Some customers found them inferior to other insoles.
  • Some customers found the insoles thin.

#4 Timberland PRO Insoles

best hiking boot insoles for the Timberland pro

Timberland PRO Insoles

Boost your performance with the Timberland PRO insole! No matter the terrain, your feet will be supported and cushioned by these bad boys.

Also, if you want a custom fit, you can easily cut these insoles down to fit any shoe size.

These insoles are made to last because they are made with high-quality materials and with care. So why put up with old, uncomfortable insoles when you can replace them with the Timberland PRO Insoles and feel like you’re walking on clouds?


  • Premium materials ensure durability and comfort.
  • men’s-specific support and cushioning.
  • Antimicrobial treatment helps get rid of bacteria that cause odors.
  • replaceable in Timberland PRO shoes to restore comfort and support.
  • Suitable for both work and outdoor activities. 


  • No good for shoes that have permanent insoles
  • It may take time to get used to the level of support and cushioning.

What customers say

  • Some customers like the insoles for their all-day support and thinness, while others find them too thick and lacking in arch support.
  • The insoles are thicker than the ones that came with their boots, and the top of their foot rubs against the steel toe, according to some customers.
  • Since the original soles were mangled in the washing machine and the insoles have no size guide, some customers have had trouble following the cutting instructions.
  • One customer says they have tried many insoles and these are the only ones that work for their long work days and provide enough support.
  • One customer says these insoles aren’t good for sports or sudden movements.
  • Some customers say the insoles wear out quickly with heavy use.
  • These insoles don’t have enough arch support for plantar fasciitis, according to one customer.

#5 Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. scholl's plantar fasciitis insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis

Say goodbye to sore feet and hello to all-day comfort with this innovative product. With its built-in arch support and deep heel cup, Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis is designed to ease the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis.

These inserts are made of a soft, breathable material that can be cut to size to fit any shoe snugly but comfortably. Plus, the unique design takes the pressure off the heel and helps the foot stay in the right position.

Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis is the best option for anyone looking for a comfortable and effective remedy for foot pain, whether you’re a runner, walker, or just someone who spends a lot of time on your feet. 

So why suffer in silence when Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis can help you walk in comfort and style?


  • Specially made to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis
  • Gives good heel support
  • Can be worn with most types of shoes, even dress shoes and sneakers
  • Excellent arch support and shock absorption
  • Made of strong materials that can handle normal wear and tear
  • Anyone of any age or level of activity can wear it.


  • It may take time to adjust to the extra support and feel pain relief.
  • Some people may have trouble putting on or fitting the shoe.
Credits: Dr. Scholl’s

What customers say

  • Great product that really works and helped with heel pain and tightness in the arch area
  • Actually works for the price and made a difference in sneaker shoes
  • Better than nothing but wore out quickly and needed to be replaced
  • Saved feet and helped with severe heel pain caused by walking a lot for work
  • Great for pregnancy-induced plantar fasciitis and didn’t have squeaking issues like other brands
  • Surprised that they worked and helped with the pain from standing and walking for long hours in boots.
  • Helped with arch support and plantar fasciitis

#6 Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort

insoles, green and orange good for foot fatigue

Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort

The Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort is the best shoe for supporting and comforting your feet when you’re outside. Whether you’re going on a hike or a run, these insoles will help.

The Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort is made with high-tech materials that give your feet better arch support and cushioning. 

The deep heel cup keeps your foot in the right place and keeps it stable, and the high-density foam helps with shock absorption. This means you can stay on your feet for longer and easily walk over even the roughest terrain.

The Trailblazer Comfort stands out because of its unique shape. The shape of the shoe is made to fit the shape of your foot, so it fits perfectly and is very comfortable. 

The high-density, flexible foam molds to the shape of your foot, making it comfortable and supportive no matter what your foot looks like.

The Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort also has a durable and breathable cover that helps keep your feet cool and dry, even on the longest hikes. 

And the non-slip design makes sure that the insoles stay in place all day, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities without having to worry about your feet.


  • supports flat feet and high arches.
  • built to last with durable materials.
  • Improves foot and leg alignment
  • Can enhance foot and leg comfort during exercise.


  • May take some time to get used to the added support
  • They may be too thick for some people’s shoes and need to be replaced more often than other shoe inserts.
  • Some people may need to try several to find the right size. 

What customers say

  • Customers like the insoles for hiking and support.
  • The insoles are long-lasting.
  • The carbon fiber heel provides stability.
  • The insoles are comfortable and not too firm
  • Some customers have found relief from plantar fasciitis
  • Customers recommend the insoles for hiking, work boots, and everyday use
  • The insoles take a few weeks to bed in.

#7 Sof Sole Active

gel insoles with rigid arch support

Sof Sole Active

Here are the Sof Sole Active Insoles, which are perfect for hiking. These insoles will give you the support and comfort you need for any terrain, whether you’re climbing mountains or hiking through the woods.

These insoles are made of foam with different densities, so they can mold to the shape of your foot. High-density foam in the heel and arch provides extra support and cushioning to prevent injuries and reduce fatigue.

The low-density foam in the front of the shoe lets the foot move naturally and lets the shoe be as flexible as possible.

The top layer of the Sof Sole Active Insoles is made to let air in and pull moisture away, so your feet will stay cool and dry. Hikers need to pay special attention to this because their feet can get sweaty and hot during long periods of walking.

There is an anti-microbial agent infused into the insoles, which kills odor-causing bacteria and keeps the insoles smelling like new.

These insoles are great because they can be cut down to fit any pair of shoes. In other words, you can use the Sof Sole Active Insoles in any of your hiking footwear and still get the benefits of using them.

The Sof Sole Active Insoles are an excellent addition to your pack for any outdoor adventure, whether you’re going on a short day hike or a multi-day backpacking trip. 

These insoles are light, last a long time, and give you a lot of support, so you can hike for longer and further without getting tired.


  • Provide excellent support and cushioning
  • It can be trimmed to fit any size of the shoe
  • Affordable


  • Not as durable as some other options

#8 Walk-Hero Comfort and Support

Insoles with deep heel cradle

Walk-Hero Comfort and Support

The best friend for your feet when you walk. The ergonomic construction of this product makes it ideal for prolonged use. 

Its mesh upper lets in as much air as possible to keep your feet cool and dry, and the cushioned sole has excellent shock absorption and makes you less tired. 

The non-slip sole gives you a good grip on any surface, so you can feel confident walking on any terrain. 

It’s easy to wear every day because it’s so light, and it’s great for any event because it looks great.


  • Provides excellent support and cushioning
  • It can be trimmed to fit any size of the shoe
  • Affordable


  • Not as durable as some other options

What customers say

  • A customer purchased the insoles for their fiancé to help with arch support; however, the fiancé reported feeling no different with or without the insoles.
  • A 76-year-old man who likes to power walk tried the insoles and was amazed at how good they felt for the whole 5-mile distance. He ordered more to put in all of his shoes.
  • A customer with plantar fasciitis said that the insoles helped give their arch a little more support and were a good buy for the price.
  • Another customer said the insoles provided good arch support but were harder to get used to than cushioned ones.
  • The insoles supported a customer with plantar fasciitis.
  • Flat-footed customers liked the medium arch support but wanted it higher.
  • The product worked as advertised but was bulkier than previous insoles and didn’t fit all sneakers. 

What are hiking insoles?

Hiking insoles, also called trekking insoles, are inserts that go inside hiking boots to give your feet more comfort, support, and cushioning while hiking. They can help you feel less tired and avoid getting hurt, so you can take on even the hardest trails with ease. 

Think of them as little personal trainers for your feet. They help you push harder and go further when you’re hiking. 

So, if you want to go hiking, don’t forget to bring a pair of hiking insoles with you. Your feet will thank you.

What are the benefits of using insoles?

Insoles, which are also called shoe inserts, are a great way to improve your shoes’ comfort and support. They can provide a variety of benefits, such as:

Cushioning: Insoles can add foam or rubber padding to the bottom of your shoes, making them a good choice for those who spend long hours on their feet or suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Arch support: Many insoles have arch support built in to help relieve pain and discomfort caused by flat feet or overpronation.

Improved Fit: Insoles can help provide a better fit by eliminating the extra space in shoes that are too big.

Odor-control: Some insoles are constructed with anti-odor materials that help keep shoes smelling new.

Increased shock absorption: Insoles can help reduce the impact of each step, leading to less fatigue, less pain, and a more comfortable walk overall.

Increased durability: Because they add support and cushioning, insoles can help your shoes last longer.

If you’re a serious hiker or just want to upgrade your shoe game, insoles are a great investment. Your feet will feel like they’re resting on little magic pillows!

Shopping Manual

There are a few major factors to think about when selecting the best insoles for hiking;

These include comfort, durability, arch support, cushioning, construction, fit, and anti-odor properties.


Hiking requires you to be on your feet for long periods, so it’s important to have sturdy footwear that won’t cause any discomfort.

The best insoles for hiking provide cushioning and arch support without adding extra weight or bulk to your shoes.


The insoles of your shoes may eventually wear out from all the hiking you’ll be doing. Select insoles that are built to last and can withstand the elements of the trail.

Arch support

Hiking can be hard on your feet and ankles if you don’t have the right insoles, so make sure they have good arch support. This will make the trail more bearable for your feet and lower the likelihood of injury.


Hiking insoles should be as cushioned as possible. Find insoles with a nice middle ground between cushioning and support to minimize the effects of shock on your feet and the wear and tear they cause.


It’s also important to think about how the insole is made. Try to find insoles that are well constructed, with strong stitching and long-lasting materials.


The shape of your foot should match the shape of the insole, and it should fit snugly in your hiking boot. Make sure the insoles you choose are the right size for your foot to get the most comfort and support out of them.


Finally, it’s a good idea to search for anti-odor insoles. Fresh feet are less likely to experience blisters and other foot problems, so doing this is a good idea.

Wrapping Up

Your shoes’ insoles are just as important as bringing the right food on a hiking trip. Why spend so much money on expensive hiking shoes if you can’t walk well because you didn’t buy the right insoles?

This guide has a list of the best insoles for hiking, and the Superfeet Green is the best of all.

But, when choosing the best insoles for your hiking boots, it’s important to think about things like comfort, durability, arch support, cushioning, construction, fit, and anti-odor properties.

Remember, a good pair of hiking insoles can make all the difference on the trail, so don’t skimp on quality.


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To clean your hiking insoles, remove them from your shoes and wipe them down with a damp cloth . Avoid using too much water, as this can damage the insoles. To maintain their shape and support, it’s best to store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Hiking boot insoles’ durability declines with increased mileage and decreases with lower-quality models. The usual rule is that you should get new ones every six to twelve months. If your insoles are losing their shape or support, you should replace them before they become completely worn out.