You go to the gym and see a cute girl you really want to meet. You want to make a move but you don’t know how to approach a girl at the gym. You quickly give up with the excuse that she’s busy.

After all, the gym is a place where people go to focus on their fitness, not necessarily to socialize! 

This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on an opportunity to meet someone new and interesting! The truth is, there are plenty of ways to approach a girl at the gym and still come off as confident and comfortable.

In this guide, we’ll explore some helpful tips and tricks for making you approach women successfully.

From crafting an effective opening line to knowing when it’s time to back off, these tips will help you make a great impression and maybe even find love at the gym.

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#1 Make eye contact

How to approach a girl at the gym?

When you see a girl you’re interested in at the gym, it’s important to make eye contact. This shows that you’re confident and interested in her. 

It’s important you do not stare at the girl and come over as creepy! You are probably wondering “how do I make eye contact without staring at her? – It’s actually very easy, try to make eye contact until she is actually looking back at you. 

You now got her attention, great! The trick is to hold eye contact just a second longer than you would normally do. Afterward, try giving her a friendly, genuine smile. Letting her break eye contact will show you are comfortable and confident.

Now listen carefully casanova, because this is important. High chances are she now knows you are interested in her and one of two things can happen. 

She’s looking back at you a second time and trying to establish eye contact again. Good!

Your chances that she’s interested have just doubled. It’s time to go for the opener.

She’s avoiding eye contact, looks nervous, or appears uneasy. If this is the case, she’s probably not interested in you and it’s best to leave her alone for the time being.

But cheer-up champ, Do you know how many hot women there are in a gym? And how many gyms there are in your city? That’s what I mean.

#2 Open the conversation in a casual way

So now it’s time to put in the work. I am not talking about the push-ups you have been doing. I mean actually going up to her and making it happen.

You don’t need a professional dating coaching company to give you advice on how to approach a girl at the gym. Just act casual and friendly, and strike up a conversation in a way that shows you’re interested in getting to know her. Here are a few tips:

Walk up to her from a direction she is seeing you coming. You don’t want to creep up on her from behind when she’s doing a 110lbs squat workout. In fact, don’t approach her when she’s actually working out but rather do this in-between sets or when she’s finished with her exercise.

Start with small talk. Complimenting her on something specific, like her great form or impressive lifting ability. I have listed some of my favorite compliments at the end of this chapter so be sure to check them out.

Things you should do

  • Ask her questions about her workout routine or what she likes to do for exercise. 
  • Don’t be afraid to share your own love of fitness and workout goals.
  • Keep the conversation light and fun, and let it flow naturally.

Evander’s personal opinion

When complimenting a woman (especially if she’s hot) I try to stay away from the “you look good” physical appearance compliments.

She probably heard that 500 times in the past week from all dudes that want to f her. I always try some push-pull technique – giving her a compliment and taking it away with a joke.

Being approachable and friendly is key when striking up a conversation with a girl at the gym. If you come across as confident and interested, she’ll be more likely to respond positively and want to get to know you better.

Try these compliments

  • You look like you have come here for quite some time, you do know that everyone breaks their new year’s resolutions after January?
  • You have great stamina, you should be a cop, and no one would stand a chance of running away.
  • That balance exercises are sure paying off, when will you be coming on Ninja Warrior?

See what I mean by push and pull?

#3 Find out her name

girl working out at gym bench

The best way to find out a girls name at the gym is to simply ask her. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing so.

First, make sure you approach her in a friendly and non-threatening manner. But the fact that you are reading this, means you have absolutely nailed that part since we handled it in step 2.

Second, be sure to smile, hold eye contact, and be engaging when you speak to her.

Finally, don’t overthink it. If you have talked to her for some time just ask her: “I ‘ am sorry, I don’t think I have caught your name yet.”

Evander’s personal opinion

I always introduce myself first if I am not sure a girl is into me.
If she is not into me, there is a high chance she would just give me her name and not ask for mine.

If she’s only answering questions and not asking questions back she’s probably not that interested.

#4 Make your move

Woman at gym

So now you have been engaging with the girl for some time and established a connection it’s time to go for the close.

It’s important to know that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to asking a girl out. Every conversation, girl, and environment requires a unique method that cannot be taught.

However, there are some general guidelines you can take into consideration.

Try to find something in coming you like. You are both in the gym which means you probably like to stay healthy. Ask her if she likes smoothies for example. Does she like smoothies? And you like smoothies too? BOOM something in common.

If you have something in common try to ask her out as naturally as possible. Going back to the smoothie example, something like “hey, I know a place that sells the best smoothies in town. We should go there sometime.”

Evander’s personal opinion

If I want to ask a girl out I don’t frame it as a question. Instead of: “do you want to go to X?” I always say: “We should go to X”.

As long as you say it with confidence it will take the pressure off the girl and give you a much higher chance of a yes.

If she says no I highly recommend you don’t try to push it. Say something like, “alright take it as a compliment” – and just move on. If she is not into you that’s her loss.

Bonus tip: asking her out

Always try to ask her out if the conversation is upwards.

Are you both complaining about how shitty the new gym equipment is? Or are you both laughing about a joke you just cracked?

Women are more emotional than men and more likely to say yes if they are feeling positive vibes.

By following these tips, you’ll have a good chance of dating her!

The best time to approach a girl at the gym

Woman lifting weights at the gym

The best time to approach a girl at the gym is when she is not working out. This way, you can start a conversation with her without interrupting her workout.

However, make sure that you do not approach her while she is in the middle of a set or taking a break between sets, as this may be seen as intrusive.

How to use body language to approach a girl at the gym

When you approach a girl at the gym, make sure to use positive body language. Smile and make eye contact when you talk to her.

Stand up straight and avoid crossing your arms or legs, which can make you look closed off.

Lean in slightly when you talk to show that you’re interested in what she has to say.

And finally, if you feel you are building a connection, touch her arm or shoulder briefly as you speak to her – this will create attraction between you two.

The do’s and don’ts of approaching a girl at the gym

Woman doing push-ups with weights

When it comes to approaching a girl at the gym, there are some definite do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

Do’s When Approaching A Woman At The Gym

  • Make eye contact and smile: This lets the person know that you’re interested and approachable
  • Compliment them: Whether it’s on their workout or how they’re using the equipment, a genuine compliment will certainly catch someone’s attention.
  • Strike up a conversation: Once you’ve caught her attention with a smile and compliment, try striking up a conversation about something related to the gym or workout routine. This shows that you have common interests and gives you an opportunity to get to know each other better.

First of all, it’s important to remember that not everyone is interested in being approached while they’re working out, so it’s important to be respectful of personal space and boundaries.

Dont’s When Approaching A Woman At The Gym

  • Stare: Making prolonged eye contact without smiling or speaking is creepy and off-putting. If you want someone to notice you, make sure your eyes say “friendly and interested,” not “stalker alert.”
  • Walk up to her from behind: Don’t walk up to her from behind or when she is actually working out.
  • Don’t ask to spot her: Unless she’s actually struggling with an exercise in which you can assist her, it is not appropriate to ask her if you can spot her. After all, you are not a personal trainer.
  • Push it too hard: If she shows no signs she’s interested she’s probably not interested and you shouldn’t push too hard.

With that said, if you see some girls you’re interested in and would like to get to know better, there are some ways to go about it that will increase your chances of success.

Tips for Approaching a woman at the Gym

When it comes to approaching a woman at the gym, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success.

First, make sure you are well-groomed and presentable. This means showering before you come to the gym, and wearing clean clothes that are in good repair.

second, be aware of your body language and try to appear confident and relaxed.

Third, strike up a conversation with her about something related to working out or fitness in general.

fourth, be respectful of her personal space and don’t try to force any physical contact.

fifth, listen carefully to what she says and be genuine in your responses. 

Sixth, don’t be afraid to ask for her phone number or email address so you can keep in touch. Following these tips should help you approach a woman at the gym successfully.

What to Say When Approaching a Girl at the Gym

A barbell on a wooden floor

If you’re interested in a lady you see at the gym, it’s important to strike up a conversation and show your interest. But what do you say?

Here are some tips for what to say when approaching a girl at the gym:

what to say
  • Compliment her workout routine or form.
  • Ask her about her favorite exercises or how she gets motivated to work out.
  • Share your own tips for staying healthy and fit.

Pay attention to the detail

Does she have a water bottle? Is there a logo on it from an athlete you like? – You know have something light and natural you can use as an opener.

Of course, you don’t have to look at every girl’s water bottle, it’s just to give you an example of how paying attention to detail could help you with real life flirting.

What Not to Say When Approaching a Girl at the Gym

When you’re at the gym, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that everyone there is there to better themselves in some way.

This means that approaching a girl and striking up a conversation can be seen as a bit intrusive. Here are some things you should avoid saying when approaching a girl at the gym: 

what not to say
  • Hey, I’m just trying to get my workout in and I noticed you’re really cute and I thought I’d come to say hi.
  • You’re so hot, you shouldn’t be working out!
  • I bet you don’t even break a sweat, do you?

Wrapping up

girl stretching in gym

Approaching a girl at the gym can be intimidating, but with the right tips and techniques, you can do it successfully.

Remember that she should be flattered a champ like you is attracted to her, not the other way around.

Furthermore, you are a gentleman so make sure that you are respectful of her space, maintain eye contact, keep it simple (no cheesy pick-up lines!), and always follow up after your conversation.

With practice and confidence, you should be able to meet women at the gym without feeling nervous or insecure. Good luck!

FAQs About How To Approach Women At The Gym

It can be difficult to know for certain if a girl is interested in you at the gym, but paying attention to her body language and responses to your conversation can give you some clues. If she is engaged in conversation and maintains eye contact, she may be interested.

Observe her body language and see if she seems open to conversation.

If she is engaged in her workout and not wearing headphones, she may be open to conversation.

You can start a conversation with a friendly greeting or comment about the gym or workout. For example, you could say “Hey, I noticed you’re doing a great job on the (insert equipment name), I’m thinking of trying it out too, have you any tips?