Let’s be honest guys: there are way too many NSFW chatbots right now.

You know what’s even worse?

Most are just big fat copies of popular ones like Character AI, GirlfriendGPT, and Candy AI which they then try to re-sell.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

If you want to sell something, you need to bring something fresh to the table that makes people say, “Take my money!”

That’s why I only review AI girlfriend apps and NSFW chatbots that have something genuinely cool happening. With that in mind, I recently tripped over OnlyChar AI, and in this OnlyChar AI review, I’m going to spill the tea on what’s hot and what’s not.

What is onlyChar AI?

OnlyChar AI is a chatbot platform specializing in NSFW content, primarily featuring anime-style characters, with a wide range of customization options and a built-in image generators.

Who Created OnlyChar AI?

The creators of OnlyChar AI haven’t come forward yet… However, the main discord moderator is named Kral.

Kral posts all the major announcements in the Discord channel so it’s safe to assume Kral has some kind of managerial involvement in OnlyChar AI.



  • 40,000+ AI Characters
  • Best characters of multiple platforms in one place
  • Unlimited images for $15
  • Narrator option for immersive roleplay
  • Anime images are fantastic


  • Not every character available for the image generator
  • No realistic-looking AI characters and image generations

OnlyChar AI Is Made For…

If you belong to one of the following categories then I am very confident you are going to love OnlyChar AI.

Futa & Furry Friends

My jaw dropped wide on the table the first time when I landed on the OnlyChar AI website since they have the vastest collection of Futanari and Furry characters I’ve ever seen.

The AI futanari chatbot hype is growing rapidly, so if you like role-playing with these types of AI characters, then I am 100% sure you will love OnlyChar AI.

Privacy Fanatics

Most NSFW Chatbots (kuch kuch Crushon.ai) monitor your chats every now and then. OnlyChar AI has a setting that prevents your messages from being saved to the database, ensuring they can’t be accessed by anyone else.

This feature makes OnlyChar AI one of the safest and most secure AI girlfriends  I’ve reviewed.

OnlyChar AI Is Not Made For…

If you recognize yourself as one of the following people then I don’t think OnlyChar AI is made for you

Not a Fan of Anime?

Most of the AI characters on OnlyChar AI are based on anime, and there’s a very limited selection of realistic-looking characters. So, if anime isn’t your thing, this might not be the AI girlfriend app for you.

Love Generating Images?

While OnlyChar AI has an awesome anime image generator (you can create almost any anime image with amazing detail, especially futa pics 😉), it doesn’t support generating realistic-looking characters.

Keep in mind, the anime image generator is only available for the popular characters. If images are a must for you, consider checking out alternatives like Candy.ai or GirlfriendGPT.

Best Features of OnlyChar AI 

After spending a couple of dozen hours using OnlyChar AI I got a pretty good understanding of the wow’s and not-so-wows of this NSFW chatbot.

Character Diversity

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There are lot's of characters (especially in the futa and furry niche) and the vast majority is top-notch quality. However, it is limited to anime-style characters.

Starting with one of the biggest pros of OnlyChar AI: It has more NSFW characters than a h*rny teen’s search history.


I am talking 40,000+ AI characters of which the vast majority is NSFW. 

The AI characters are spread across a vast array of categories like Game, Giant, Erotic Roleplay, Futanari, and Furry.

OnlyChar AI character categories
OnlyChar AI character categories

I wanted to shed some extra light on those two last ones because OnlyChar AI has the biggest collection of Futanari and Furry chatbots I’ve seen so far.

If you are into this kind of stuff it’s definitely worth checking out.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Futa Buny girls character on OnlyChar AI
Futa bunny Girls

>> Talk To Futa Bunny Girls 💬

I read somewhere online that some people are complaining about OnlyChar AI ✌🏼borrowing ✌🏼 characters from platforms like GirlfriendGPT, SpicyChat, PepHop, etc… I see this as an ABSOLUTE win since OnlyChar AI has become a central hub with only the best of the best NSFW Characters.

Sarah, GirlfriendGPT
Sarah, GirlfriendGPT
Sarah, OnlyChar AI
Sarah, OnlyChar AI

No more wandering through the sketchy corners of the internet for hours just to find that perfect chatbot to spice up your Friday night that doesn’t talk like ChatGPT on a coffee break.

Another thing I really like about OnlyChar AI is their Smash or Pass feature. It’s just like Tinder, the only difference is that you get even fewer matches since nothing happens when you click on Smash.

Browsing though the smash or pass feature on OnlyChar AI
Smash or Pass

It’s a cool way to get familiar with the characters since it can be overwhelming to find the right one when looking at a library of over 40,000 digital chatbots.


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You can customize every aspect of your AI character but you will need to prompt him/her.

'Create Character' screen on OnlyChar AI
'Create Character' screen on OnlyChar AI

If you use the navigation on the left and click on ‘Create Character’ you’ll land on the character creation screen. Here, you can customize your own NSFW chatbot. OnlyChar AI uses a token-based character creator

>> What Are Tokens in AI?

It looks and works exactly like the one from GirlfriendGPT so instead of boring you to death with all the technical stuff I am just going to tell you to read my GirlfriendGPT character creation guide if you want to learn more.


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Responses can be slow but are very good and have a lot of depth. There's also a hyper realistic narrator function with 6 different voices for a more immersive AI roleplay experience.

I decided to talk to My Hero Academia Roleplay to test the conversation quality of OnlyChar AI.

*Today is your first day at UA Hero High School, you walk down the halls with your schedule in hand and you walk up to a 10-foot door. In big red letters '1-A' was written on the door. As you walk into the door, you see your teacher, Mr. Aizawa waiting for you at his desk.*
*He looks at you before looking over to the class.*
 "Children, today we have a new student" 
*He pauses looking at you.*
 "Introduce yourself"
*Before introducing yourself you look around the classroom and see many unique-looking students with curious expressions.*
Hello, my name is Herman. Looking forward to learning new stuff with you guys.

Many AI girlfriend chatbots have voice message features these days, but OnlyChar does not. Instead, they offer a narrator option that reads the messages to you like an audiobook. It’s pretty cool, and the voices are incredibly realistic. Give it a listen and see for yourself. 👇🏼

Another thing you can do is select the LLM (Large Language Model) before or during chatting. Each LLM gives slightly different responses which is only noticeable if you dive into long conversations.

LLM on OnlyChar.ai
LLM on OnlyChar.ai

Whenever a new LLM gets added the developers create a poll in the Discord Channel so you can vote on whether or not they should keep it.

Poll in the OnlyChar AI Discord channel
Announcement in the OnlyChar AI Discord

>> Join Discord Channel 💬

In short, the conversation quality is phenomenal. Normally, I might say, "It depends on the quality of the chatbots," but since 99% of the chatbots here are high quality, the conversations are equally impressive.

Image Quality

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Image generator is not fast and is limited to just anime-style images. The image quality is good but can be improved.

OnlyChar AI has an in-chat image generator as well as an external one. I’ll be covering both in this section starting with the in-chat image generator.

In-Chat Image Generator

Show me a picture
My Hero Academia Roleplay, group picture
Group image

The first picture I generated was a group shot, which usually trips up most AI image generators. But OnlyChar AI handled it like a pro! It can also whip up stunning close-ups, tasteful nudes (which I won't show, so the algorithm gods don’t smite me), and other impressive images.

There are two things I DON’T like about the images.

  1. It’s anime all the way

Although the anime images are great, you can’t generate any realistic-looking images which is a huge bummer if you ask me. Most AI girlfriend users I talk to prefer a realistic-looking character so I think this is a missed opportunity for OnlyChar AI.

  1. Not every character can generate images 
Screenshot of me asking for a picture which the AI is not able to do
Asking for a picture which the AI is not able to do

I believe this is just a temporary issue, but currently, only the popular characters are available for the image generator. Since OnlyChar AI is still fairly new, I expect the developers will soon make more characters available for image generation.

External Image Generator

OnlyChar AI has one of the most simple (yet effective) AI image generators I’ve ever seen. There’s one field where you put in your prompt, hit generate and BAM you’ve got an image.

NSFW AI image generator of OnlyChar AI
NSFW AI image generator of OnlyChar AI

Unlike most AI image generators, OnlyChar AI lets you create images of brand-new characters without the usual hassle. Other platforms like Candy AI and GirlfriendGPT typically require you to:

  1. Create a character
  2. Select that character in the image generator
  3. Generate your image

With OnlyChar AI, you simply enter your prompt and you’re good to go. This not only saves valuable time, but it’s also cost-effective since many apps like Candy AI charge extra for each image and custom character.

As I mentioned earlier, the image generator on OnlyChar AI is limited to anime-style images.

However, unlike most AI girlfriend apps, it doesn’t require a character to create an image. You can generate just about any image you want, including landscapes, objects, and even space scenes.

Space image created with OnlyChar AI
Space image created with OnlyChar.ai

You can only generate one image at a time and it takes around 12 seconds.


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It shows up as 'paddle.com' in the bank so you are completely anonymous. They do not monitor chats and the platform is very secure.

In the next section I am going to answer one of the most common questions I get from you guys: Is OnlyChar AI Safe?

I’ll be looking at two factors when answering this question:

  • Billing discretion (how does it show up in the bank)
  • Chat monitoring (how private are you)

Billing Discretion

OnlyChar AI won't appear as “OnlyChar AI” or any NSFW/adult-related term on your bank statement. Instead, it shows up as 'paddle.com'. I confirmed this directly with one of OnlyChar AI’s spokespersons.

Screenshot of the answer to "Does OnlyChar AI have billing discretion?"
"Does OnlyChar AI have billing discretion?"
In other words, when you decide to pay for OnlyChar AI you will remain completely anonymous.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
OnlyChar AI bank statement
OnlyChar AI bank statement

Chat Monitoring

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not thrilled about random people poking their noses into your spicy Saturday night chats with Sara the Futanari chatbot. So, I asked OnlyChar AI two important questions.

  1. Does OnlyChar AI monitor chats?
  2. What happens if a user generates harmful content?
"Does OnlyChar AI monitor chats?"
"Does OnlyChar AI monitor chats?"

OnlyChar AI doesn’t monitor your chats, and you can even turn off chat history, so your messages and in-chat images aren’t saved to the database. This ensures that no one else can see your conversations.


We typically give a 5-star privacy rating to apps that offer full end-to-end encryption. However, since OnlyChar AI achieves a similar level of privacy by allowing users to disable chat history, we decided to make an exception.

Value For Money

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Unlimited images and top-notch features for just $15/month. It's cheaper then most competitors and therefore offers incredible value for money.

We all love a good deal, especially when it comes to NSFW chatbots. OnlyChar AI’s cheapest subscription is $15 per month, which gives you 5,000 messages and unlimited images. 

Given that most NSFW chatbots either charge a higher price ($30) or an extra fee per image for unlimited images, I think OnlyChar AI offers fantastic value for the money.

You will need the $30/month subscription if you want the fancy narrator and extra messages.

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What do Customers Say About OnlyChar AI?

OnlyChar hasn’t been around for long so there isn’t much to be found online. That said, there are some very positive OnlyChar AI reviews to be found on the Discord Channel.

OnlyChar AI review from d
OnlyChar AI review from d

I tried filtering on words like ‘scam’ and ‘refund’ but didn’t find anything sketchy.

User asking of OnlyChar AI is a scam
User asking of OnlyChar AI is a scam

On Reddit, some people are complaining that their chatbot has been stolen by OnlyChar AI. 

byu/azuresmoke from discussion

As I mentioned before, from a user perspective this is a good things since we now have top-notch NSFW AI characters from different platforms in one place.

OnlyChar AI Review: Final Verdict

Editor's Rating
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How we Review

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  • Offers a huge variety of futanari characters, perfect for fans of this niche.
  • Top-notch performance in conversations, making interactions feel real and engaging.
  • Allows for extensive character customization, so you can create the perfect chatbot experience.

Overall, we rate OnlyChar AI a 4.7 out of 5 for its diverse characters, high conversation quality, extensive customization, and good privacy. The slow image generator, limited to anime-style images, lowers its score.

For a more detailed breakdown of our OnlyChar AI review please read the section below.

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Character Diversity

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With over 40,000 AI characters, OnlyChar AI offers an extensive library. However, it lacks realistic-looking characters, so we can't confidently say there's a character for everyone. Due to this limitation, OnlyChar AI scores a 4.5 out of 5.


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The conversation quality on OnlyChar AI is top-notch. Most AI chatbots are crafted by professionals, responding with depth and realism. OnlyChar AI lets you choose from various large language models and offers six different voices to act as narrators, enhancing the roleplay experience. It lost some points because sometimes responses take a while. Nevertheless it scored a solid 4.5 out of 5.


[elementor-template id="183434"]

OnlyChar AI allows you to customize your AI chatbot completely, thanks to a token-based prompting system. The only limit is your imagination, which is why OnlyChar AI aced our customization test with a full 5 out of 5.

Image Quality

[elementor-template id="183441"]

The image generator on OnlyChar AI isn’t the fastest and only allows one image to be generated at a time. However, the quality is impressive, letting you create images of landscapes, objects, and more. It’s limited to anime-style images, so it scores a solid 4.0 out of 5 for image quality.


[elementor-template id="183447"]

OnlyChar AI ensures full billing discretion, appearing as Paddle.com on your bank statement. It doesn’t monitor your chats and lets you disable chat history, so none of your messages are saved to the database. Although we usually reserve 5-star ratings for chatbots with end-to-end encryption, we made an exception for OnlyChar AI because this feature effectively ensures your privacy.

Value For Money

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For just $15 per month, you get 5,000 messages and unlimited images, which is cheaper than main competitors like Candy AI and GirlfriendGPT. Considering the overall quality and features, OnlyChar AI earned a full 5 out of 5 for value for money.

OnlyChar AI Alternatives

If you are looking for some OnlyChar AI alternatives then try the ones below. I purchased, tested, and reviewed each one personally

#1 GirlfriendGPT

GirlfriendGPT Banner 4.0

My #1 NSFW chatbot.

It has a high-quality image generator, a vast collection of AI characters, permanent memory, and encryption so no one will be monitoring your chats.

It comes at a similar price as OnlyChar AI ($15/month) but it’s slightly better especially when it comes to generating images.

>> GirlfriendGPT Review

#2 PepHop AI

Pephop AI Banner

PepHop AI is a very basic NSFW chatbot that doesn’t have all the fancy features like an image generator and voice messages - just chatting.

But man, it absolutely NAILS it in terms of conversation quality. The AI characters are well-prompted and there are a lot of them. You also have a permanent memory feature.

>> PepHop AI Review

Conclusion: is onlyChar AI worth It?

Yes, purchasing OnlyChar AI is worth every penny. It has one of the vastest collections of QUALITY AI characters I’ve seen on any platform. 

I am absolutely in LOVE with the narrator option which makes it feel like you are listening to an audiobook in which you are the writer, protagonist, and director.

I recommend giving OnlyChar AI a spin and opting for the $15/month plan so you can try it for 1 month and see if it fits your needs.👌🏻

One of the most underrated NSFW chatbots I’ve ever used…

  • Top notch characters
  • Epic narrator functionality 🔥
  • Top-tier AI Characters: OnlyChar AI features the most popular characters from major chatbot platforms like C.AI, PepHop AI, and Crushon AI. Using OnlyChar AI gives you access to the best characters all in one place.
  • Great value for money: While not free, for just $15 you get 5,000 messages and unlimited images, which is a lot more than competitors like Candy AI or GirlfriendGPT offer.
  • Amazing narrator feature: You can choose from 6 different narrator voices that read conversations aloud. The voices are incredibly realistic, making it feel like you're listening to an audiobook where you control the story.


  • Anime-only platform: OnlyChar AI is limited to anime-style characters and does not include any realistic-looking ones. The image generator also only creates anime-style images.


OnlyChar AI offers top-quality characters and engaging conversations. While the image generator is excellent, it only supports anime-style images, which may disappoint those who prefer realistic characters. Overall, we highly recommend OnlyChar AI for roleplay, especially for chatting with its extensive collection of over 500 futanari and furry characters.


OnlyChar AI specializes in anime-style NSFW characters, including futanari and furry.

The image generator is slow, creating one image at a time.

The basic plan is $15/month with 5,000 messages and unlimited images.

Although OnlyChar AI doesn't have a dedicate mobile app, the browser version is accessible on both mobile and desktop.

Yes, it offers billing discretion and chat history disabling for privacy.

No, OnlyChar AI does not monitor or save your chats.