Do you want to be a baller but don’t want to pay for fancy basketball training? How about getting feedback from a pro coach without spending a single cent?

Sounds too good to be true, right? But wait, there’s more! Introducing Smart basketballs, the new techy way to track and level up your skills on the court.

With smart basketballs, you can dribble, shoot, and show off your form without breaking the bank.

Who needs expensive coaches when you’ve got the future of basketball in your hands (literally)?

Best for real-time feedback
1# DribbleUp Smart Basketball
best smart basketball in yellow
Best for shot improvement
#2 SIQ Smart Basketball
SIQ Smart orange basketball
Best for comprehensive data
#3 Wilson X Connect Smart Basketball
Wilson X-Connect orange ball
Best for workouts
#4 94 Fifty Smart Basketball
Smart basketball from 94 Fifty in orange
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What are smart basketballs?

Purple infographic displaying text: What are smart basketballs?

Smart basketballs are like the LeBron James of basketballs – they’ve got all the moves and the tech to track them.

Equipped with sensors and other technology, they help players keep tabs on their performance and improve their ballgame.

How do smart basketballs work?

Purple infographic displaying text: how do smart basketballs work?

Smart basketballs hit nothing but the net with their sensors and tech that track the ball’s movement and performance.

The data is then sent to a connected device like a smartphone or tablet, where it’s analyzed to give players real-time feedback on their shots.

What is the best smart basketball?

what are the best smart basketballs?

The best smart Basketball is the DribbleUp Smart Basketball

#1 DribbleUp Smart Basketball – The Real-Time Feedback Champ

best smart basketball from dribble up in yellow

The DribbleUp Smart Basketball is like having your own personal coach!

It’s loaded with sensors that keep track of your performance and provides instant feedback on your shooting and dribbling form.

Connect it to the mobile app for data analysis and virtual drills to improve your skills, and watch your game soar to new heights


You can connect the DribbleUp ball with your Apple TV making it great for post-workout analyses!

Top Features

  • Real-time feedback on your shooting and dribbling skills
  • Mobile app features like data analysis and training exercises
  • Includes virtual drills and games to help improve skills
  • Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

What customers say

  • Bought it for a 9-year-old ball player, huge difference in shooting form and improvement in shooting percentage, and real-time metrics are very helpful.
  • The best athletic investment made.
  • Passing drills are fun and cool it’s like gaming.
  • Highly recommend it for any hoop head who wants to get better.
  • The passing drills are difficult but have helped me with improving my ball handling much better than a normal basketball.

Evander’s opinion

the most popular and intelligent ball in the game! With its wicked cool app, you can track your stats and boost your game, especially those free throws that always seem to go awry.

This specialized ball is like a personal coach, focused on getting you to master your fundamental basketball skills.

Plus, it’s also a FIBA-approved smart basketball making it stand out among its competitors. Trust me, it’s worth every penny – your game will thank you!

#2 SIQ Smart Basketball – The Shot Improver

SIQ Smart orange basketball

The SIQ Smart Basketball is a high-tech basketball that tracks performance and provides feedback to help players improve their passing, shooting, dribbling, and overall ball handling.

The SIQ smart basketball connects to the mobile app to provide live analysis of shots, form, and progress over time.

Top Features

  • Tracks and analyzes shots for live feedback
  • Provides data on shooting form, accuracy, and consistency
  • Connects to a mobile app for personalized training
  • Official basketball size and weight of an NBA basketball
  • Durable construction with smart chip technology

What customers say

  • SIQ ball is the greatest thing I have ever purchased, love the smart ball’s tracking of shot info like angle, release time, spin, etc.
  • I experienced some misregistration issues, but customer service was helpful.
  • Feels like a high-quality ball.
  • Highly recommend the SIQ ball for any hoop head who wants to improve their free throw.
  • Data is really accurate and lets you improve with every shot (even tracks how many shots I throw).
Evander’s opinion

The SIQ Smart Basketball is ideal for basketballers who want live feedback and data-driven analysis to track their progress and improve their skills. 

If you’re looking for a high-tech solution to help you take your game to the next level, this is the ball for you.

But beware of the consequences of always nailing those jump shots, it might just make your games boring!

#3 Wilson X-Connect – Brain in a Ball!

Wilson X-Connect orange ball

The Wilson X-Connect is the basketball with all the smarts! It’s a perfect fit for hoopsters who want some feedback on as much stuff as possible. 

With built-in sensors that track your shot speed, trajectory, and much more, this specialized ball is ready to give you live feedback to help you reach your balling potential.

We all know Wilson for its top-quality basketballs, and this ball is no different.

It can be used for outdoor training as well as indoor training, thanks to its durable composite leather.

Top Features

  • Live feedback and advanced analytics like a virtual coach
  • Measures shot speed, trajectory, and more
  • Connects to the Wilson X app via Bluetooth
  • Durable enough for indoor and outdoor training sessions
  • Looks cool, too!

What customers say:

  • good for tracking and improving shots!
  • I bought this for my son for his birthday, and now he keeps telling me he will become one of the most famous NBA players ever!
  • Quality is good.
  • Provides accurate raw statistics
  • One user said the Bluetooth kept disconnecting, but he later found out that his iPhone was connecting with other devices.
  • No web interface

Evander’s opinion

If you’re looking for live feedback and tracking features to help you improve your game, the Wilson X-Connect is definitely worth a shot. 

It gives a ton of metrics and data, which can be overwhelming at first. Be sure to check the Wilson website to get the best understanding of all the juicy intel you’re getting.

#4 94 Fifty – More than just a smart basketball

Smart basketball from 94 Fifty in orange

Are you tired of playing basketball with a plain old ball that does absolutely nothing for you except bounce?

It’s time to upgrade to the 94Fifty Smart Basketball – the ball that’s smarter than the average bear (or ball, for that matter).

And the best part?

You can connect it to your phone and get real-time feedback on your performance.


This smart basketball isn’t just about making you a pro on the court.

It also comes with access to workout videos and tips to help you with fundamental basketball skills and get in shape and perfect for the game.

Top Features

  • Live feedback and advanced analytics like a virtual coach
  • Measures shot speed, trajectory, and even the distance
  • Connects to the 94 Fifty apps via Bluetooth for great basketball training sessions.
  • Access to its community allows you to face off against other members.
  • Durable enough for indoor and outdoor training sessions

What customers say:

  • One customer likes the product overall and finds it reasonably accurate and better than Shottracker.
  • The customer says it only works with a small number of drills and they would appreciate it working with more parts of the program or being able to track different shots as they take them.
  • They find it cool to see their shot accuracy compiled with their shot arc and notice that their accuracy goes up when they shoot with an ideal arc.
  • The quality is good.

Evander’s opinion

The 94 Fifty smart basketball is perfect for improving basketball skills like your free throw, shot accuracy, ball handling, and more.

The Bluetooth technology works great and synchs well with the smart basketball app. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and the in-app basketball training sessions are fun and cool.

I highly recommend this smart basketball if you want to go for quality and user-friendliness.

Other basketballs to Bump Up Your Game

Purple infographic displaying text: Smart basketball alternatives

Do you think a smart basketball is too expensive? Don’t worry, there are tons of other basketballs that let you improve your game without breaking the bank. 

We have listed the four best smart basketball alternatives that will get you better results.

SKLZ Weighted Training Basketball – A Heavier Hoop Hero

normal basketball in black

The SKLZ Weighted Basketball is a slam-dunk solution for basketball players looking to boost their game. 

With a weighty design, it offers a workout that’ll help build stronger muscles and improve shooting, ball handling, and overall skills.

Top Features

  • Improves strength and form
  • Standard size and weight
  • Improved grip and control
  • Durable build
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Evander’s opinion

The SKLZ Weighted Basketball is ideal for players looking to up their game and build strength.

Durable and versatile, it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use due to its composite leather. SKLZ is also known to produce one of the best-weighted basketballs on the market which makes it an even better choice!

Spalding TF-Trainer – For the Gains

Spalding weighted ball

The Spalding TF-Trainer weighted basketball is like a personal trainer for your shot!

It’s heavier than a regular basketball, providing a more challenging workout.

Though it is not a fancy smart ball, this weighted basketball will definitely make you a better basketball player!

Top Features

  • Heavier weight means a stronger shooter
  • It’s indestructible and ready for any game
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor courts
  • The price is a slam dunk!

Evander’s opinion

If you’re looking to up your game and get a workout while you’re at it, the Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Basketball is the ball for you!

It is considered heavy (even for weighted balls), so it will definitely improve your free throws and overall basketball skills.

Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer – Work Hard Play Hard

orange baden skillcoach weighted basketballs

A basketball that’s not afraid to bring the weights and make you sweat, the Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Rubber Basketball is made from heavy rubber to help you improve your shooting, dribbling, and overall skills.

Top Features

  • improves strength and grip
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides a challenging workout

Evander’s opinion

The Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Rubber Basketball is perfect for basketball players who are ready to work hard and play harder.

With its heavy rubber construction, it’s built to withstand the roughness of concrete outdoor basketball courts, making it ideal for street-style basketballers.

Wilson NBA Weighted Basketball – The Professional Baller


Get ready to beef up your ball-handling skills with the Wilson NBA Weighted Training Basketball!

This ball has some extra weight to give you a workout while you play.

Top Features

  • Helps you get stronger and shoot better
  • Just like a real NBA ball
  • Feels great in your hands
  • Built to withstand the elements
  • Ready for any court

Evander’s opinion

It’s Wilson; what do you expect? It’s- Definitely one of the best-weighted basketballs ever made, as well as my all-time favorite. It looks sick, has a great grip, is extremely durable, and is a muscle-building machine. 

The composite leather makes it a durable weighted basketball for outdoor play.

I also use the weighted ball for calisthenics workouts, such as Russian twists, on occasion.

How do you connect a smart basketball to a device?

how to connect a smart basketball

Making a connection with a smart basketball is as simple as 1-2-3-4! Just follow these steps:

  1. Activate your device’s Bluetooth.
  2. Download the app for your ball.
  3. Follow the app’s instructions to bond with your new ball BFF.
  4. Get real-time feedback and keep track of your game like a boss!

Can smart basketballs spy on your shooting skills?

Purple infographic displaying text: Can smart basketballs actually improve my skills?

You bet they can! These smart balls are equipped to track your shooting stats and give you a report card on your performance. 

With sensors built right in, the ball can keep an eye on things like shot speed, trajectory, and made/missed shots.

So, you can get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and step up your shooting game

Wrapping up

In conclusion, smart balls are a slam dunk for basketball players everywhere!

These clever balls can give you the inside scoop on your shots, dribbling skills, and other important metrics.

Some of them like the DribbleUp even allow you to do virtual training sessions which is a huge difference when training with a normal basketball.

In the end, the best smart basketball will depend on how many stats you want to track and what you are willing to pay for it.

One thing is sure, your basketball skills will definitely improve!

Still, got questions? Check the answers below!

It depends on the specific smart basketball model, but some are designed to be durable enough to handle both indoor and outdoor play.

It varies by the ball model. Some include all necessary components, while others may need extra accessories like a hoop or net. Check the product description and specifications before purchasing to ensure you have everything required to use your smart ball.