Did you know that there have been fewer unassisted triple plays in Major League Baseball than grand slams? 

Hitting a grand slam is one of the rarest and most exciting moments in baseball and softball. 

You will not only get the answer to “what is a grand slam in baseball?” but also learn how to hit the ultimate grand slam.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just a casual fan, this article will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art of hitting a grand slam.

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What is a Grand Slam?

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A grand slam in baseball is a home run hit with all three bases occupied, resulting in four runs scored by the batting team.

Evander’s Tip

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How to Knock a Grand Slam Out of the Park: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Hitting a grand slam in baseball is challenging, but it’s possible with the right approach and a bit of luck. 

Follow these steps to increase your chances of hitting a grand slam:

#1 Get your teammates on base

To hit a grand slam, you need to have all three bases loaded with your teammates. Work together to hit singles, doubles, or triples to get everyone in the scoring position.

#2 Wait for the perfect pitch

Once the bases are loaded, take your time at the plate and wait for the right pitch to hit. Observe what (and at what speed level) the pitcher is throwing and look for a pitch that you’re comfortable hitting.

#3 Time to swing big

Swing big and aim for the sweet spot of your bat. 

When you get the right pitch, take a big swing and hit the ball with the center of the barrel of your bat. 

Try to hit the ball deep into the outfield and over the fence, but hitting it into a gap or down the line can also result in a grand slam if your teammates can run fast enough to score. 

Focus on hitting the ball with power and accuracy to give your team the best chance of scoring four runs with one swing of the bat.

How does a grand slam work in baseball?

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A grand slam in baseball is one of the most thrilling moments in the game.

I remember when I hit my first grand slam in high school. 

The bases were loaded, and I was nervous, but I was determined to hit the ball as hard as I could. When the pitcher threw me a perfect pitch, I swung with all my might and made contact. 

I watched the ball soar over the fence, and I couldn’t believe that I just hit my first grand slam. Hitting a grand slam requires precision, technique, and power. 

The batter needs to time their swing perfectly and hit the ball with the sweet spot of their bat to get maximum power and distance. 

It’s a significant accomplishment for any batter and requires the teamwork of their teammates to get on base before they come up to bat.

When grand slams are hit, it can completely change the course of a game, giving the batting team a significant advantage by scoring four runs at once. 

Scientific fact

Most grand slams are considered to be a demoralizing moment for the opposing team, which may have been in a good position to end the inning with minimal damage.

The Curious Origin of “Grand Slam” in Baseball

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The term “grand slam” originally came from the game of bridge, where it meant winning all 13 tricks in a single hand. 

In baseball, it first referred to a four-run home run and was used to describe a home run Babe Ruth hit in 1905.

Today, “grand slam” refers to hitting a home run with all three bases occupied, scoring four runs for the batting team. 

It’s a widely recognized term in baseball that signifies an exciting and pivotal moment in the game.

Although the term’s origins have changed, it has become a fundamental part of baseball culture and language. 

With one swing of the bat, a grand slam can change the course of a game, creating an unforgettable moment for players and fans alike.

Grand Slam Alternatives: What Else Can We Call It?

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Some other words for the term “grand slam” are:

  • Four-bagger
  • Bases-loaded home run
  • Slam
  • Tater trot
  • Bases-clearing homer
  • Big fly with the bases loaded
  • Ultimate home run
  • Touch-’em-all grand slam
  • Walk-off grand slam (if it ends the game)
  • Salami (short for “grand salami”)

Just How Rare Is It in Major League History?

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Hitting a Major League grand slam is a remarkable achievement that’s not easy to accomplish. 

Most grand slams are so rare that they occur in less than 1% of games played each season, with an average of only around 50 per year.

Most career grand slams per season

Don Mattingly6 Grand Slams1987 AL
Travis Hafner6 Grand Slams2006 AL
Ernie Banks5 Grand Slams1955 AL
Jim Gentile5 Grand Slams1961 AL
Albert Pujols5 Grand Slams2009 AL
Richie Sexson5 Grand Slams2006 AL
Most career grand slams per season

Career grand slam leaders of all time

Alex Rodriguez25 Grand Slams
Lou Gehrig23 Grand Slams
Manny Ramírez21 Grand Slams
Eddie Murray19 Grand Slams
Willie McCovey 18 Grand Slams
Robin Ventura18 Grand Slams
Jimmie Foxx17 Grand Slams
Carlos Lee17 Grand Slams
Ted Williams 17 Grand Slams
Hank Aaron16 Grand Slams
Dave Kingman16 Grand Slams
Babe Ruth16 Grand Slams
Albert Pujols16 Grand Slams
Career grand slam leaders of all time

The Ultimate Game Changer: Walk-Off Grand Slam!

Imagine hitting a home run with all three bases loaded, and your team immediately wins the game – that’s what a walk-off grand slam is.

It’s like hitting the jackpot in baseball, and it’s a moment that players and fans alike will never forget.

While grand slams are already rare, hitting a walk-off grand slam is like finding a needle in a haystack.

It requires not only skill but also nerves of steel, and it’s the ultimate clutch moment in baseball.

Some players, like Jim Thome, Jim Presley, and Cy Williams, have achieved this rare feat.

However, it’s so uncommon that you might have a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing a walk-off grand slam.

Home Runs vs. Grand Slams: What’s the Big Difference?

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A home run is when the batter whacks the ball over the fence, scoring one run as they trot around the bases. 

A grand slam is a type of home run that results in four runs being scored when the batter’s teammates are already occupying all three bases at the time of the hit.

It’s like hitting a home run while carrying three passengers!

The main difference between a grand slam and a regular home run is the number of runs scored. 

A grand slam is worth four runs, while a home run is only worth one run. So, hitting a grand slam is like hitting four home runs at once. No wonder it’s such a rare and celebrated feat!

What is a grand slam in softball called?

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In softball, a grand slam is still called a grand slam. 

Similar to baseball, where hitting a home run when all three bases are filled results in the batting team scoring four runs, this is known as a grand slam.

So, whether you’re playing baseball or softball, a grand slam means the same thing.

Wrapping Up

So now you got the answer to that one burning question: what is a grand slam in baseball?

Hitting a grand slam in baseball or softball is a rare and exciting achievement that requires a lot of effort and teamwork. 

We’ve covered what a grand slam is, how rare it is, and even given some tips on how to hit one yourself. 

Whether you’re playing or watching, (or maybe hitting a grand slam yourself) it is an unforgettable moment that you’ll cherish forever. 

So, the next time a batter steps up to the plate with the bases loaded, get ready to witness some serious magic and join in the excitement of a grand slam. 

And who knows, maybe you’ll hit one yourself someday!


The only player to hit three grand slams in a single game is Cleveland Indians player, Bill Wambsganss. He hit the three grand slams during Game 5 of the 1920 World Series.

The player with the most grand slams in MLB history is Alex Rodriguez, with 25 grand slams throughout his career.

Several players have hit two grand slams in one game, including Frank Robinson, Jim Northrup, and Fernando Tatis Jr.